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Nexudus is dedicated to helping flexible workspaces execute important tasks efficiently so that operators can optimise experiences for their members and communities. Nexudus simplifies operational tasks by automating most processes like CRM, reminders, billing and more, and integrating with several systems such as access control, printing management, visitor management and Wi-Fi access. The software also intends to encourage communication between space members, as we feel that this is what coworking is all about. Since 2012, our comprehensive management tool has provided software solutions for over 2000 spaces in 90+ countries.

If you’re looking for brand logos, assets and guidelines, you’ve come to the right place - download them here. Thanks for spreading the good word!

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Brand assets

Download our logos.

Nexudus Logo Orange
Nexudus Logo Black


Manisha Veja

Head of Marketing

Nexudus Limited
Kennington Workspace. 1-3 Brixton Road
Chester House, Unit 205
London SW9 6DE

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