Nexudus Pioneers the ‘Future of Workspaces’ at Space UK 2024

Nexudus Pioneers the ‘Future of Workspaces’ at Space UK 2024

Considered by many to be the world’s most progressive property event, Space UK challenges commercial real estate (CRE) norms, forges cross-industry links and provides a platform to share groundbreaking ideas for the future of our workspaces.

This year was bigger and better than ever before, with Nexudus joining Space UK and co-hosting a tribe on tenant experience alongside five CRE giants: British Land, GPE, Hines, Landlease and The Crown Estate.

Our goal was to disrupt the traditional approach to workspaces and bring transformative change to how an entire asset class is managed by CRE, especially focusing on the experiences shared by its occupants. In this article, we aim to discuss three of our key takeaways from the event Space UK 2024.

Takeaway 1 - The Office Revolution

The office is dead” – a bold statement, but one that echoes the stark reality in today’s CRE landscape. Office vacancy rates have hit a 20-year high in London, but there is a silver lining.

We believe that organisations willing to adapt to ever-evolving workforce needs will successfully manage to entice workers back into the office.“The era of long-term set-and-forget leases is behind us” declared Rebecca Bradley, Director of Customer Experience and Relationships at GPE.

Owners and operators of commercial spaces can no longer afford to simply hand over their keys and wait a decade to reconnect with tenants just before their contract renewal. We’re in an era where there is a need for constant tenant engagement, which PropTech can more than easily facilitate.

At Nexudus, we believe that each tenant interaction within the built environment is an opportunity to reinforce a commitment to evolving needs. With a solid set of good analytics and reporting tools backing you up, it’s now easier than ever to adopt data-driven decisions around tenant needs to create workspaces where employees want to work.

The Resource Demand dashboard by Nexudus is an AI-powered predictive dashboard that helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions about your resources and how they are utilised.

Takeaway 2 - Embracing a Greener Future

Gone are the days of frivolous spending on empty offices. Just this year, Meta, the American tech giant, paid £149m to break its lease on Triton Square in Fitzrovia, and HSBC, a global banking and financial services institution, moving out of the “palace of finance” in 8 Canada Square worth around £87 per square feet, in favour of recalibrating their office strategy.

Sustainability and intelligent technology are no longer optional – they’re imperative to succeed in the CRE industry. Lamia Zaky, the Global Head of Real Estate of Inmarsat, urged us to rethink the role of headquarters in our business strategies.

At Nexudus, we advocate for integrating sustainability into the core of CRE operations. Today’s technology can more than comply with this necessity - from smart access solutions that redistribute energy in CRE spaces to dynamic resource management tools that reduce energy bills, we’re on the cusp of utilising tools like sensor technology and AI to make the biggest possible move towards living, breathing spaces that almost self-manage their sustainability. 

Nexudus Explore pre-built dashboards simplify the process of learning your tenants’ behaviour.

Takeaway 3 - Designing Inclusive Work Environments

Inclusivity and neurodiversity are at the forefront of the new office design philosophy. “Data, culture, socioeconomic factors, geography, logistics” should all be considered when analysing a real estate portfolio, stated Simon Francis the Director of the EME Real Estate for Microsoft, during his Future of Work keynote interview.

We believe that CRE spaces can take this a step further and add a more humane approach to their design philosophy. Imagine being able to transform space usage data into unique work environments, from spaces that cultivate collaboration to areas that foster focused work. Moreover, these improvements need not be costly; simple changes such as adjusting colours to a blue decor can create a calming atmosphere, aiding employees in staying concentrated in focus zones, or collaborative areas using stronger bright lights to spark ideas and innovation in the workplace.

With Nexudus, we offer an easy way to divide a space up with a floor plan view, allowing CRE owners and operators to adapt spaces on the fly. This includes the ability to create quiet zones — areas dedicated to focused tasks requiring concentration. Alternatively, you can opt for collaborative environments that encourage human connection by establishing informal social spaces. Giving occupants in CRE spaces the freedom to design floorplans, empowers them to create their work oasis.

Highlight the full functionality of your spaces and make your space as accessible as possible to tenants.

Shaping the Future

The insights from Space UK 2024 paint an exciting picture of the future for CRE, a future Nexudus is already shaping. From redefining office spaces to championing sustainability and inclusivity, we are at the vanguard of this office revolution. Our award-winning technology is not just about helping you to manage your spaces efficiently; it's about creating experiences that resonate with your occupiers and decision-makers alike. Join us in the office revolution as PropTech continues to help real estate companies redefine what it means to work in modern, adaptive, and sustainable spaces. Want to learn more about Nexudus? Discover how we can help you today.

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