Coworking Summit 2023: Navigating the Future of Flexible Workspaces

Coworking Summit 2023: Navigating the Future of Flexible Workspaces

The Coworking Summit 2023, organised by ProWorkSpaces and hosted at the Automobile & Fashion Museum in Malaga (Museo Automovilístico de Málaga), took place last week, coinciding with the organisation's 30th anniversary. The conference served as a vibrant platform for coworking and flex operators, landlords, and industry professionals alike to explore and celebrate the evolving landscape of flexible workspaces. 

Nexudus were sponsors of the 2-day event, and if you were one of the attendees who managed to grab some exclusive Nexudus merch, lucky you, if not, we hope to catch you next year! If you missed the event altogether, fear not as you can get the low-down in this post! 

Featuring an array of compelling panel discussions, the event not only acknowledged the past but also paved the way for the future of workspaces, emphasising the growing importance and relevance of flexible workspaces in the ever-changing workplace landscape. Read all the key takeaways from the event below! 

How Needs Are Shaping the Flex

The conference opened with a riveting panel discussion on how the needs of professionals are shaping the flexible workspace industry. Marta Gràcia Vilar, CEO at Cloudworks, led the conversation, highlighting the critical role that flexible workspaces now play in catering to the evolving needs of modern professionals. The insightful contributions of Xavi Bassons (CEO at Monday Working Spaces), Ben Kolp (CEO at The Living Room Coworking) and Diego Tomás (CEO at Genion Lab), underscored the dynamic nature of these spaces. In an era where workstyles are rapidly transforming, flexible workspaces are adapting to accommodate larger teams, becoming a linchpin for professionals seeking adaptable, engaging, and innovative environments. 

Diego Tomas also mentioned the growth of coworking spaces dedicated to specific communities in smaller cities and how they need to adapt to specific requirements. Related to being ultra-flexible in a city like Malaga, which hosts a large digital nomad community. Ben explained how, at The Living Room, they offer an ultra-flex membership to cater to the requirements of this community. 

Technology: New Horizons for Flexible Offices

As the industry matures and coworking and flex spaces look to provide a seamless experience to their tenants, different technologies that plug into the ecosystems within these types of spaces play a crucial role. On the technology panel, the role of technology in enhancing user experiences, optimising operations, and ensuring security was highlighted. One of the challenges brought up by the panellists was the importance of having these systems (access control, printing management, Wi-Fi networks) integrated with the management platform you use in your space, as it massively contributes to ensuring a seamless user experience within the space. 

Emerging Trends: ESG, Big Data, and AI Reshaping the Coworking and Flex Landscape 

Some of the panels at the conference highlighted the growing significance of ESG (Environment, Sustainability, and Governance) in the coworking and flex sector. Notably, this newfound emphasis is not confined to industry operators and landlords alone but extends to the tenants of these spaces. 

At the heart of these discussions is the transformative power of artificial intelligence and big data. While these topics are frequently raised in PropTech conferences, a shortage of specific use cases persists. In contrast, other industries have harnessed AI and big data for applications like dynamic pricing forecasting and customer churn prediction, for example with hotels, telecoms or airlines. 

Forecasts suggest that these groundbreaking technologies are poised for a sweeping transformation within the coworking and flexible workspace segment. As environmental and sustainability concerns intensify, the integration of AI and big data promises to be a game-changer. This integration not only addresses the vital importance of environmental sustainability but it also unlocks new dimensions of operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction. 

Stay tuned as the real estate sector embarks on an exciting journey, catalysed by the convergence of ESG principles, big data, and AI, shaping a future that is both sustainable and technologically advanced. 

As an extra bonus, conference attendees had the unique opportunity to visit some of the most innovative and dynamic flexible workspaces as part of a tour on the second day. This allowed them to experience these spaces firsthand, engage with managers, and witness the vibrant communities that are cultivated within. The spaces visited, including The Living Room, First Workplaces, Monday Muelle Uno, and Innovation Campus, served as living examples of the pivotal role that coworking and flexible workspaces play in fostering collaboration, innovation, and adaptability in the future of work. 

Innovation Campus

First Workspaces 

The Living Room 

Monday Muelle Uno 

In conclusion, the ProWorkSpaces Conference 2023 underscored the importance of flexible workspaces in the evolving world of work. As the workplace continues to evolve, flexible workspaces are emerging as dynamic, adaptive, and essential components of modern work environments. They are central hubs for innovation, collaboration, and growth. With technology, data-driven insights, and the power of adaptability, flexible workspaces are well-positioned to shape the future of work and continue to play a crucial role in the corporate world. 

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