Coworking management system – are you ready to transform your workspace?

Coworking management system – are you ready to transform your workspace?

In our last article, we defined what coworking software is and ran through its various features and functionalities. Now, we’re going to take you on a tour through some real-life examples of how it can enhance your workspace and make your working life easier.

But first, here’s a quick summary of what coworking space management software can do. 

What is coworking management software?

Coworking management software enables operators to automate otherwise manual tasks, make data-informed strategic decisions and improve members’ overall experience. 

It facilitates meeting room and desk booking management, powers visitor sign in/out, provides infrastructure for managing events and ticketing, and automates member billing. 

Members can download an app that lets them manage their workspace experience at their fingertips. They can book meeting rooms, connect with other members and much more.

Essentially, your coworking software is your one-stop flexible workspace tool; it’s what you need to run your space effectively. Without it, you’d have to rely on spreadsheets, manual processes and lots of moving parts.

Now, without further ado, here’s how coworking software has transformed four workspaces into better functioning, more dynamic environments for both staff and members. 

1. From time-consuming to time-efficient

Impact Hub is one of the world’s most famous – and exciting – coworking operators. 

Dedicated to nurturing communities of entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact in the world, Impact Hub has more than 100 locations across 50 countries. 

Before using Nexudus, Impact Hub in King’s Cross relied on manual systems – an approach that proved time-consuming and error-prone. 

Following the implementation of its coworking software, Nexudus, Impact Hub’s staff were able to automate tasks and refocus their efforts on nurturing the community. “We had fewer resources tied up in financial admin, including invoicing, bookkeeping and debt chasing, so we saved at least 0.5 FTE,” said the Operations Manager. 

Members are also realising the benefits. Members can reserve their own coworking seat at the Hub and book meeting rooms with ease – without having to contact reception first.

Fusebox in Brighton

Fusebox, a coworking community for digital, media and tech startups, is another workspace operator that’s a fan of its ability to automate.

When Fusebox’s Emerging Technologies Coordinator joined in 2018, automation was nowhere in sight. In fact, Fusebox used Google Forms for membership applications and billing was facilitated through Google Sheets. 

The admin was extensive to say the least. “I spent the first two weeks when I joined as an intern building a new spreadsheet for data inputting…it became more of a task as time went on and in the end, there were two of us dealing with the admin.”

Billing was another time-consuming endeavour. The team had to speak with the accountant every time they needed to chase an unpaid invoice. Now, thanks to Nexudus’ ability to integrate with accounting software, billing is completely automated. 

Pre-software, the website was clunky and making modifications proved tricky too. Fortunately, “Nexudus has made things so much easier. We’ve had people coming to the site dynamically and it seems to be helping us from an SEO perspective.”

2. From decentralised to centralised

Like Impact Hub King’s Cross and Fusebox, The Hub Newry – a network of coworking spaces in Newry, Northern Ireland – were also doing a lot of paper shuffling before they got on board with Nexudus. The Hub relied on spreadsheets and a multitude of software solutions to keep things running in the right direction. But again, these proved time-consuming and disjointed. 

“We needed to accommodate the invoicing, CRM, meeting room and communications elements in an automated and integrated way,” recalls The Hub’s co-founder, Suzanne. In other words, the team needed to be able to manage operations using one coworking tool.

Now, with Nexudus, “everything is in one place”. All operational tasks, from meeting room bookings to mail forwarding, can be easily managed within the Nexudus Admin Panel. 

The Hub Newry, Northern Ireland

3. From monolingual to multilingual

One of the reasons Chillispaces, one of Poland’s leading workspace operators, moved to Nexudus is because its previous coworking management system wasn’t compatible with mobile and the level of functionality wasn't on par with Nexudus. 

But the biggest “win” in Chillispaces’ mind was Nexudus’ ability to translate into different languages. Chillispaces opted for a Polish version of the coworking software as well as an English language one. This was a huge plus as some members only speak Polish. 

Chillispaces’ members can use the Polish version of the Member's Portal and Passport App, making it more inclusive and easier to navigate. What’s more, the team can "always talk to someone from Poland to get advice on how to use the software and its functionality”. 

In fact, support and training is one of our key focal points, and we work hard to make sure all our customers have access to easy-to-understand detailed training.

Our continually updated Knowledge Base contains a wealth of instructional material on how to use each of Nexudus’ features. In 2021 we launched Nexudus Academy. Here, our customers can access a range of in-depth training courses. Each course is designed for specific roles within the business, from the Finance Director to the Community Manager. 

Of course, our customers can always contact the team for assistance too.

Nexudus named #1 flexible workspace software

We’re also pleased to say that Nexudus ranked number one in a recent report by Software Reviews! The report was based purely on customer reviews from people who use flexible workspace software on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nexudus customer, it’s easy to get started. Fill out our short form and a member of the team will get in touch shortly. We’ll answer your questions and you can see what Nexudus looks like in action through one of our demos. 

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