Behind The Desk: Meet Our Founders

Behind The Desk: Meet Our Founders

Stories and Strategies from Our Co-Founders 

Welcome to, where we dive deep into the brains behind Nexudus. Today, we’re chatting with Nexudus’ CTO and co-founder Adrian, as he shares his journey from selling Internet Cafe technology to being the co-founder of a global coworking company. 

First things first, what was your first ever job? 

Adrian: I have done quite a few things in the past! To name a couple, while I was at uni, I sold software to run Internet Cafes (remember those?!)... they were a bit like the coworking spaces of the 90s! For a few years, I built the software to analyse images produced by an electron microscope to detect defects in copper wire! That was over 20 years ago but we were already using the same machine-learning algorithms that we now use to detect cats in pictures 🙂 

That’s quite a diverse background! 

What inspired you to venture into the coworking industry? 

Adrian: Carlos (Nexudus’ Co-Founder) and I have a good friend who co-founded the first coworking space in Seville. We both need to work on things we believe in and are passionate about, and the Coworking concept resonated very quickly with both of us! 

The cheek of it! How has your vision for Nexudus evolved since those early days? 

Adrian: I think we’ve stayed true to the original values of the platform throughout time. We wanted to be the brains and orchestrators of many of the processes found in coworking and flex workspaces - while keeping options open for customers who want to stick to using their preferred user experiences, vendors and brands. 

Can you share some key milestones in the company's journey and how they have shaped the direction of Nexudus?

Adrian: There have been many throughout the years! For instance, our integrations have helped hundreds of customers to quickly process payments in their local currency or use local payment methods. 

We‘ve always encouraged our customers to make decisions driven by data, so the launch of Nexudus Explore and our machine-learning modules were big milestones for us. This allowed our customers to build reports and dashboards with the exact data they needed and to understand their customer behaviours in-depth. With over 10 years in the industry, we’ve had a few large UI changes affecting our members' app, the portal and of course our administration panel. 

What unique features and amenities set our coworking tech apart from others in the industry? 

Adrian: Even after all this time and with so much competition, Nexudus still plays in another league when it comes to the flexibility it provides to customers to implement unique processes and branding. Our built-in white-label system allows our customers to effectively build their user flows, on top of what we provide out of the box. Both our app and portals enable customers to offer bespoke experiences to customers and tenants without worrying about payments, booking systems, or any of the modules we provide through our back end! 

We are a bootstrapped company and this changes everything. All we care about is providing the service that our customers love, so our team works hand in hand with customers to learn and try to solve their challenges in the best way we can. As with any other company, we need to turn a profit to keep going, but the main goal is not to maximise that profit, but instead to provide a product and service that is worth being proud of and a team that people want to work with. 

Building a strong community is integral to coworking. How do we foster connections among our members, and what benefits do they gain from this collaborative environment? 

Adrian: There are amazing examples out there of these communities that we have helped to build alongside operators and we work with many of them but, perhaps, more traditional operators haven’t yet found a way to reach the full potential of this area. Tech can help, but fostering a community needs to come from within the core values of an organisation and the way it operates. 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. How does our company ensure eco-friendly practices within coworking spaces? 

Adrian: Connecting Nexudus to the physical environment will have a direct impact on how we can report and surface sustainability information to both operators and members. At the moment, we can keep track of how much energy individual offices use, and how often specific areas of the building are used, so that lighting, air conditioning and heating usage can be monitored accurately, and therefore energy efficiency can be optimised. 

As remote work becomes more prevalent, how do you envision the future of coworking and Nexudus’ role in shaping it? 

Adrian: This is a huge topic. Nexudus provides basic tools to keep workforces and communities informed about working schedules, to ensure everyone is on the same page. There are questions about how this will affect interactions within teams and the division it could create between workers who work remotely and those who categorically can’t due to the nature of their role. As a Co-founder and CTO, I believe that part of the success of the company relies on its technical team to work as a solid unit, where knowledge about the product and the way it is built is shared. A lot of the members of our technical team can work in different areas of the product. I strongly believe this can only be achieved efficiently when that team works together, face-to-face for the majority of the time to foster those crucial in-person interactions. 

Can you share some success stories or examples of businesses that have thrived while using Nexudus, highlighting the impact we've had on their growth? 

Adrian: When an operator implements Nexudus, everything changes, so it would be hard to find a case where starting to use our platform did not have a major impact on their organisation. Our ability to fully automate the billing cycle every month - considering variable charges based on accesses, bookings and any combination of credits and benefits has a massive impact on the way a space operates; and that is just a small part of what we do for most customers. A few years ago, we could not close a deal because the customer felt their staff would not have any work to do! That, of course, was not the case anyway! However, by automating a lot of the core processes, staff can focus on more productive and creative processes rather than manually placing bookings or issuing invoices every month!

Tech plays a pivotal role in coworking. How have we leveraged and created digital tools and platforms to enhance the member experience and streamline operations? 

Adrian: It’s hard to believe, but there are operators out there where you still have to call the front desk to make a booking. Nexudus uses tech to drive every aspect of the member and tenant journey - from the moment they show interest, to the day they move in and unlock their office with their phone. Members and tenants can then use our tech to communicate, report issues, manage visitors, collect deliveries, book a desk and pretty much anything else they need for their day-to-day! 

Some people are looking for more than just office space; they seek a sense of purpose. How do our coworking spaces promote a greater sense of purpose for companies offering Nexudus to their members? 

Adrian: This area is more connected to the ‘ethos’ of the space - the values behind the business that the operator runs. Nexudus of course can help to communicate those values and implement processes that support them. I think this is one of the greatest strengths of our platform, you can use it to bring very different experiences to life. 

What’s your biggest inspiration or goal that motivates you to keep pursuing your coworking vision? 

Adrian: We recently started to work on plugging Nexudus into the physical environment via a myriad of sensors. We will continue to enhance our understanding of how the physical space is being used to help our customers do their jobs efficiently and optimise this as much as possible. 

What are your big dreams and ambitions for Nexudus in the next five to ten years, and how do you envision us achieving those goals? 

Adrian: The dream has already come true! We’re currently a 50+ people strong team, helping thousands of customers in 90+ countries, which I could never have imagined! 

The next five years will likely bring a lot of innovation to the platform. New tech is always appearing, which will make a real difference in the way our customers run their spaces. We are in the best position ever to experiment with this technology and our customers are willing to explore with us, which creates a unique playing field we’ve never seen before.

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