How To Make Your Coworking Software Work For Your Brand

How To Make Your Coworking Software Work For Your Brand

From a coworking concept for students to new flexible workspaces catering to the medical sector, coworking is becoming increasingly popular and competitive. 

With so many new and interesting coworking offerings emerging, it’s never been more vital for existing spaces to differentiate themselves and stand out. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by establishing a strong brand presence. 

A solid brand communicates credibility and trust to new audiences. It provides members with a shared identity and has the power to nurture a sense of belonging and community, making it easier for individuals to connect with each other.

It’s no secret that if people feel an emotional connection to your space they’re more likely to stay for longer. If you use a coworking software solution to run your operations, the likelihood is that you’re already using it to build your brand. 

But could it be working harder for your brand? Let’s take a look at 7 ways coworking software can help you attract and retain members while bolstering your brand. 

1. Streamlining operations 

In today’s technology-enabled world, people expect frictionless workplace processes and procedures. Utilising your coworking space software for a range of tasks demonstrates your brand’s dedication to modern and efficient operations. 

From managing multiple meeting room bookings and facilitating different levels of access control for individuals, to enabling digital signatures on your contracts, software integrations support you in creating a seamless coworking experience. 

2. A member portal that works 

Your coworking software’s member portal is one of its most powerful branding tools. It provides members with easy access to the resources, information and community features they need to function, while making them feel at home in your space. 

Don’t neglect it - it’s the customer-facing side of your coworking platform so you should invest as much thought into its features and content as your website. The Nexudus member portal provides members with a logistical overview of logistics, like how many deliveries are waiting for them at reception or their current room bookings. 

But perhaps the most powerful feature, from a branding perspective at least, is the community functionality built into the portal. At a glance, members can see how many people are checked into the space and reach out to individuals through chat. 

3. Brand consistency 

Having a consistent brand identity across all your assets - including your website, member portal, member app and any physical marketing materials - builds trust with customers because it makes you look professional and well-established. 

In other words, potential members are more likely to take you seriously. 

If you’re looking for coworking space software, seriously consider opting for a white-label solution. You’ll be able to make your member portal and app look like your brand, with its colours, images (including logo), text and domain name. 

4. Integrated event management

Hosting events that are well-curated and accessible can work wonders for brand engagement while opening up new revenue streams by getting more paying people into the space. It’s a great way to get people from different industries and walks of life meeting, collaborating and making valuable connections. 

Today’s coworking events can be physical, virtual or a combination of both. 

A good coworking space software solution will enable you to facilitate all three. Members and non-members (your choice) should be able to book your events directly through the website or portal. They should also be able to book their own events (which is also great for raising awareness of your own brand). 

Hybrid events - which enable physical and virtual attendance - come with numerous benefits. As well as increasing your reach due to heightened accessibility, and reducing travel costs for attendees, you can get more granular with the analysis of engagement metrics by looking at how online attendees interacted at different points. 

5. Personalised content 

One of the most obvious ways your coworking space software can help you promote your brand is through its content sharing capabilities. You can use it to create, schedule and automate newsletters, updates, blogs and other promotions. 

Sharing useful content in a timely way can keep your audience engaged, and position you as a thought leader in coworking, startups and whatever else you specialise in. 

While general email updates tend to work well on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis, consider segmenting your audience to send personalised content to different groups if you want to share updates more regularly. 

You can use your coworking space software to build workflows that send emails to prospective members who are at different stages of the sales pipeline, for instance. 

It’s also a good idea to encourage members to generate content related to their experiences in your space, including reviews and videos on social media. You can give your brand a further boost by resharing their content. In doing so, you’ll probably gain a few more views, interactions and followers along the way. 

6. Data-informed brand strategy 

If you’re not already doing so, try using data to inform your next brand strategy meeting. A brand strategy that is inspired by member data can help you better align your brand identity with your customers’ own needs and preferences. 

Your coworking space software should tell you, at a glance, how your resources are being utilised, how members are interacting with your content and a wealth of other insights relating to member behaviour and retention. 

Nexudus Explore's powerful, built-in reports allow you to analyse different parts of your business simultaneously. You can easily learn from the information you collect about your members’ and contacts’ interaction with the space, and identify recurring trends to make insightful decisions based on these findings. 

Are some resources underutilised on certain days? Could you introduce promotions or consider letting other organisations use your space on a discounted basis? Insights like these can act as a springboard for innovation and experimentation. 

7. Loyalty programmes and discounts 

Discounted meeting rooms, special offers and perks from the local businesses who work in and around your space can boost your value in the eyes of members. You could also consider implementing a loyalty programme for long-standing members. Discounts and loyalty programmes can be facilitated through your software. 

Don’t jump into promotions. Think about what could work for your space, and as Marc Navarro says in this article, avoid falling into traps like freezing prices. 

“Freezing prices forever is a death trap that can lead to disastrous situations. Prices go up, inflation (higher or lower) is a reality to which coworking spaces are not immune: promising a price for life is absurd. It's a nice promise but it's been tried and it doesn't work,” he explains. 

By leveraging all that your coworking space software has to offer, you can create a seamless and engaging experience for your members while building a strong and reputable brand. Ultimately, the secret to success isn’t in the technology alone, but in how you use it to enhance the overall experience and community within your space.

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