Over a decade of celebrating coworking and community

Over a decade of celebrating coworking and community

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May 22nd 2024 marks European Coworking Day, a community-sourced celebration for a movement that has fundamentally changed how we work. 

Back in 2012, when coworking was still in its European nascence, we saw so much incredible potential in the movement that we dove head-first into creating the best tech experience for the community. We’ve never looked back.

The European Coworking Assembly (ECA) devoting a day of recognition to coworking has us reminiscing about where it all started for Nexudus, and what it means to be part of such a special community.

Part of a network for good.

From its humble beginnings in Cordoba, Spain, Nexudus came to the United Kingdom to set up its HQ and reach a wider community by tapping into European coworking’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Along the way, we met like-minded organisations who wanted to use their networks to form partnerships, create opportunities and support coworking projects with the right resources. 

Today, we’re proud to support global organisations such as Impact Hub with our technology. Through its 100 coworking and event spaces and more than 200 annual entrepreneurship and innovation programs (many of which span Europe), Impact Hub inspires, connects, and enables individuals, companies, and organisations to generate positive economic impact through their professional activities.

Similarly, the digital tools we provide organisations like Urban Collab in Germany, and Utopicus in Spain, help these organisations put together a strong community dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for urban challenges in the busiest cities. 

Organisations like Patchwork in France, and HNK in the Netherlands, use Nexudus to push what’s possible with customer service in shared and serviced workspaces. It encourages us to know that we can enable greater human interaction and better support for members within spaces that stand for community above all else.

In the UK, by amplifying initiatives like the London Coworking Assembly, we support a network of organisations sharing best practices amongst coworking space founders, operators, and community managers keen on strengthening their ties with the local economy and community.

Passion and promise.

Independent coworking, as a whole, has the largest and most powerful network in Europe. As part of this collective, we’re champions and evangelists for the network’s values - what the ECA calls ‘Coworking’s DNA’ - comprising Openness, Community, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

We reached out to our co-founders, Adrian Palacios and Carlos Almansa for their thoughts on what European Coworking Day means to them, and how it fits into Nexudus’ outlook as a company:

Adrian, Co-founder and CTO:

“Ten years sounds like a long time and, in some ways, it is. At the same time, ten years have taught us that, to understand the ins and outs of an industry, its needs, challenges and intricacies, no amount of time is ever enough. Ten years have shown us the incredible complexity of dealing with the human and social aspects of people navigating and using a highly flexible physical environment. Ten years have revealed how, in an increasingly competitive environment, the devil is in the detail and that detail may not always be revealed in a simple sales call. Ten years have confirmed our hearts and passion, and that of our entire team, are still very present in every case we solve, every feature we ship and every call we have.”

Carlos, Co-founder and CEO:

“When we embraced the coworking movement over 12 years ago, we discovered a dedicated global community united by a common goal: to shape the future of work by nurturing environments where professionals can work and collaborate. Through Nexudus, we've spent the last 12 years helping operators manage their daily tasks more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time with their members. Looking ahead, we will see more sustainable buildings with more integrated technology, but their communities will still be at the core.”

The future of our technology.

In our journey so far, we’ve pioneered many community-focused features on our platform. As we continue to grow and support European coworking, we’ll be incorporating even more human-centred design into software solutions. 

Real-time support for coworking member communities, easier ways to engage with directories, quicker ways to connect (especially virtually) and tools to manage sustainability within spaces will play a huge role in Nexudus’ future. We invite you to connect with us and help us do our part in building technology for a brighter coworking future.

At Nexudus, we’re passionately building technology that provides space owners and operators with fully customisable, easy-to-integrate digital solutions for their spaces, across coworking, commercial real estate, hospitality and beyond. Since 2012, our award-winning technology has helped workspace owners and operators in over 90 countries digitally transform their spaces, manage them more efficiently, provide exceptional customer experiences and gather advanced analytics for better decision-making.

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