CRM de la Crème: a recipe to better serve your customers

CRM de la Crème: a recipe to better serve your customers

Customer Relationship Management is crucial in all business; especially workspace management. 

The right set of CRM tools can elevate your business from simple to gourmet, helping you communicate better with existing customers and develop a flair for attracting new ones. 

Today, we’ll showcase the best ingredients to season your space for maximum efficiency, and how to garnish your offering for enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Let’s start cooking.


As with any good recipe, here’s the list of ingredients that ensure you get the most out of the CRM function in your workspace management software. 

  • CRM Boards 
  • Document Templates
  • Proposals 
  • Reminders 
  • Tasks 
  • Email Accounts

At Nexudus, we utilise all these features hand-in-hand to streamline your workflow, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

CRM Boards.

Nexudus CRM Boards serve as a central hub for managing opportunities and automating processes within your coworking space. We can set up automation from these CRM Boards to assist with onboarding or even offboarding customers. 

When it comes to managing leads, we have the power to automatically add and move opportunities through each CRM Stage, following the customer from first filling out a contact form, to booking a tour, to becoming a member within your space. The CRM Boards provide a visual and intuitive way to stay organised.

Document Templates.

Document Templates make it easy for Nexudus users to create consistent and professional documents that match their brand. 

Dynamic fields allow users to generate documents that feel specialised to their new customer. The fields can pull almost everything; from the Customer’s name to the price of the desk they would like. 

Already got a document that you send to customers? No problem! You can copy/paste your document's content once you've created the template. The only thing left to do is add the dynamic fields and get them sent.


Once your new customer is ready to receive an offer, you can craft a proposal for them. Making use of the above-mentioned Document Template, Nexudus users can send customers a summary of their potential contract, with all their data pre-filled

The ability to sign contracts online through the DropBoxSign integration negates the need for printing, so operators can keep their space green while wrapping up official business. 

Proposals aren’t sent straight away either, and can be saved as a draft, allowing for any finer details to be ironed out before hitting the send button. 

When the proposal is accepted, the customer gets instant access to their dedicated Member’s Portal, where they can see their contract benefits and start booking assets like meeting rooms straight away.


Reminders are a great tool to automate part of your customer communications and streamline your operations further. Reminders are sent based on an action or trigger event of your choosing. These can even be sent to a specific subgroup of customers. 

Reminders can help in a variety of ways. You can let all your customers know that your space will stay open or closed during public holidays or even send a message to let them know about a discount you’ve set up for their birthday.


Day-to-day operations can be managed with ease using the Tasks feature. Tasks can be generated as soon as an opportunity lands within your CRM, and can have an admin assigned to them to ensure customers are well equipped from the get-go. 

Whether it's onboarding new members, setting up keycards or organising events, Tasks ensure that the job is issued and tracked until completion.

Email Accounts.

Syncing your email account to Nexudus offers the ideal icing on top of a refined CRM experience. Once done, they offer a quick, easy way to manage email exchanges you have with customers directly from Nexudus. Once connected, any new message a customer sends to these accounts and any message you send to customers is automatically synced in your CRM and saved in the relevant customer's record. 

For example, you have an email address dedicated to answering customer queries. You can link this email account in Nexudus and find all your email exchanges with customers directly from each customer's record in Nexudus, even if you initially communicated with them over email outside of Nexudus.

Bon Appétit.

And there you have it, the perfect blend of CRM features to create a rich, smooth customer experience. Just like any well-crafted recipe, each ingredient plays a crucial role in achieving an efficient workspace. 

When looking for the best CRM tools to help your space thrive, remember to savour the benefits of organising opportunities using CRM Boards, let automated Reminders add some depth, and use the Proposals feature to round off the flavours. Now that’s a signature dish.

At Nexudus, we’re passionate about creating fully customisable, easy-to-integrate software that manages your entire space - from reception to rooftop. For over 11 years, our award-winning tech has helped workspace owners and operators be more efficient, provide members with an unforgettable experience and gather advanced analytics for better decision-making. Discover how we can help you today.

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