Unwrapping 2023 with Nexudus 🎁

Unwrapping 2023 with Nexudus 🎁

What do you love most about the holiday season? Is it the food, the music, the bright lights and the festive cheer? Yes, us too. But December also brings with it a chance to reflect on the biggest moments of the year.

For us, that includes the records we’ve broken this year, the most memorable events we were part of, the customers we delighted with our technology and the spaces we turned into sanctuaries. Let’s dive in.

📍 Major milestones.

🏎️ In 2023, we saw our fastest onboarding of a customer to date! From sign-off to implementation and onboarding, we had a new customer up and running with Nexudus in just 26 hours.

▶️ Our flagship app, Passport, surpassed 10k downloads on the Google Play store and continues to be a must-have in coworking, flexible and hybrid workspaces - both natively and as a white-labelled solution.

⭐ Our customers have everything to do with our success, and this year we ensured their satisfaction was at its highest. In September of 2023, our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) soared to 97.1% and we’ve averaged over 95% CSAT in the last six months!

⚙️ New technology.

As a company, our ethos has been to adopt early and learn fast. We found interesting ways to integrate AI (arguably the year’s most celebrated tech) into some of our key solutions this year.

Through our platform, customers can now use AI-enhanced insights to better understand the usage patterns of their workspaces. This includes smarter ways to study peak usage, discover predictive engagement patterns with a space and create help desks powered by AI, to ensure a smoother experience for members.

We’re passionate about sustainability in workspaces and made sensor tech a focus of ours this year. We worked closely with owners and operators to align their spaces with their ESG targets. One such case saw a customer utilise Nexudus’ sensor-tech integrations to combine real-time occupancy data with their building systems to achieve an all-time low in energy consumption.

Customisation continued to be a cornerstone of our solution, with 2023 giving customers complete control over their dashboards. Admin users can now make their dream dashboards a reality with custom cards. Want to monitor your sensors on your homepage? Keep key metrics in your eyeline at all times? Generate tailored reports with a shortcut? You can now create the ideal dashboard layout and share it with your team, with just a click.

🌍 Worldwide travels.

An over-stamped passport is a Nexudus trademark. We’re globe-trotters, luggage-wielding wizards and eager explorers who love connecting with our community across the world.

In 2023, we covered a few key industry events, including:

• The ProWorkspaces Coworking Summit, in Malaga

•The Global Coworking Unconference Community (GCUC), in London

• Global Workspace Association (GWA) in Chicago

• GCUC in Toronto

• Coworking Europe in Porto

Watch this space for updates on events you don’t want to miss in 2024.

🌅 Spanish sunsets.

Every year, the Nexudus team takes a month-long trip to Ageate, in Gran Canaria. This year was extra special because we added 23 new members to the team and took them along with us! The fresh new faces made our annual Mediterranean coworking trip even more of an adventure.

Some of the Nexudus team visiting 'Work in Cholas' in Spain 

Spoiled by Spanish sunsets and surrounded by some of the best people to work with, we can’t help but feel gratitude for the strong community we’ve built at Nexudus. For 11 years now, we’ve been bringing the most talented individuals together to build bespoke technology for our clients. As we close off the year, we’d like to extend a special thank you to our team and to our customers, who have made this our best year yet.

With that said, here’s a sneak peek at some of the big things we have in store for 2024.

🗻 Horizon 2024.

In the new year, we’ll be enhancing team management options for admins and operators, alongside giving them key layout and navigational improvements to make everything more intuitive. Users can also expect to see dedicated locker management pop up as a new feature within their portal, app and dashboard.

AI and ML integrations within Nexudus will also be getting a major upgrade. This means more Chat UI options and dynamic pricing models amongst other (for now, top secret) features powered by emerging technologies.

Nexudus building integrations will now go beyond access control to HVAC, lighting, blinds and energy. Imagine an end-to-end building management system within your pocket, making your buildings more sustainable than ever before. Oh and one a final note, Nexudus also hits another major milestone next year – Turning 12 🥳. Here's to a dozen more years of innovation inspired by our stellar community.

We hope you’re ready to CTRL+ALT+DEL and launch into another tech-tastic year with us. Happy holidays everyone and we will see you in the New Year!

At Nexudus, we’re passionate about creating fully customisable, easy-to-integrate software that manages your entire space - from reception to rooftop. For over 11 years, our award-winning tech has helped workspace owners and operators be more efficient, provide members with an unforgettable experience and gather advanced analytics for better decision-making. Discover how we can help you today.

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