The Hobbit: From an Unexpected Adventure to an Automated Journey

The Hobbit: From an Unexpected Adventure to an Automated Journey

How the life of Bilbo Baggins would have been way less stressful if he’d used Nexudus 😅 

Bilbo x Nexudus

Gandalf might not have suggested it, but let’s be honest - Bilbo’s journey would have been a breeze with the help of some tech 👨🏼‍💻 So, let’s begin our journey into the parallel Hobbit universe where middle-earthers embrace modern technology and handy integrations - a world where Bilbo’s journey intersects with coworking software tailored to his needs. 

Untitled (500 x 300 px) (2).pngThe Magic of Tech 🧝🏼‍♀️ 

As the saga begins, Bilbo’s life takes a turn when those pesky dwarves unexpectedly barge into his home. A well-timed notification could have saved Bilbo from the chaos. Imagine if he had employed NexIO or our integration with Calendly to help him manage those unexpected visitors. Just like in a coworking and flex space, knowing who’s about to arrive can save the day and help you plan ahead!

As Bilbo ventured further into the wilderness, he encountered trolls with a craving for hobbit 😅 In the tech-savvy version of the story, Bilbo could have simply facilitated a dinner delivery for the Trolls using NexDelivery - no need to turn them into stone, just a few taps and you can manage your parcel’s arrival! 🍕 We know how difficult it is to manage hundreds of deliveries in coworking and flex spaces, and while hopefully, nobody is threatening to roast you over a fire, why not automate your package processes using NexDelivery, just in case! 

In the idyllic refuge of Rivendell, Bilbo’s rest could have been smooth sailing if he’d scheduled and managed his stay using one of our integrations with Marketplaces - Tally Workspace, CloudVO, Syncaroo, NearU, Upflex, or even a check-in integration to access Rivendell directly. These marketplaces mirror the flexibility of coworking and flex spaces, offering endless options across Middle Earth and beyond. 

The gang reaches the Mines of Moria in their quest - hoping to find shelter. However, they are met with a dark atmosphere, the remains of the once-great city and a chamber full of tombs. This foreshadows the dangers ahead! Imagine how easy it would be to enter through the Doors of Durin with our Access Control integration.


Work smarter, not harder, Bilbo! 

As the story unfolds, Bilbo encounters Gollum and his riddles. In this version, Bilbo could have used Nexudus’ latest integration with OpenAI to swiftly unravel Gollum’s riddles. You can use this feature in your coworking and flex space to ensure your members get instant replies when they have an issue or a query, providing a swift and accurate response and saving bags of time in the process!

Bilbo and the gangs’ stay with Beorn could have been managed with a Visitor Management Integration, handling guest registrations and information. The integration would eliminate admin stress for Beorn and make the arrival process a breeze for Bilbo 😏

Upon their arrival in Laketown, a Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration would have provided a seamless welcome experience across all platforms. Single Sign-on would have helped them avoid the hassle of faffing around and trying to remember multiple passwords across multiple platforms, which probably would have been a massive help, especially after the stressful day they were having! 

Arriving at the Lonely Mountain, a Building Management Integration would have streamlined entry processes, perhaps even revealing hidden entrances through detailed floor plans. Furthermore, Reporting and Big Data Integration would offer insights into workspace usage and trends, akin to the wisdom Bilbo gleaned from a certain dragon! 

Venturing into the heart of Lonely Mountain, a Remote Access Integration could allow members to connect from different locations. In hindsight, this would have saved ample time and hassle - Basically, Bilbo could have completed the whole adventure alone, making the whole film franchise a lot shorter! 

An epic quest or managing a coworking space, harness the digital tools at your disposal 🔧 

As the journey ended, our Digital Signature Integration with Dropbox Sign would have facilitated the signing of vital documents, not dislike Bilbo securing his treasure. Plus, slaying dragons and gold rings isn’t cheap - Bilbo's return journey could involve Accounting Integration to manage his expenses and financial records. 

Finally, as Bilbo and his companions reunited after their adventure, a Survey integration would have gathered insights to enhance workspace experiences. We imagine the survey feedback would be filled with requests for fewer goblins in the mix, the next time round!😅 

So, the next time you’re facing an unexpected adventure, take a moment to appreciate the digital tools at your disposal. After all, even in the most magical realms, there's always room for a little virtual assistance, in the form of Nexudus, or otherwise – just ask Bilbo Baggins 😂

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