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Features in all Nexudus Coworking plans

  • CRM

    • Opportunities
    • Tasks & reminders
    • Messages Macros
    • Document Templates
  • Community

    • News Articles
    • Events
    • Newsletters
    • Message Boards
    • FAQ Editor
    • Perks and Discounts
  • Operations

    • Customers
    • Bookings
    • Access and Check-In
    • Help-Desk
    • Visitors
  • Finance

    • Invoicing
    • Credit Card Payments
    • ACH and Direct Debit
    • Accounting & Ledgers
  • Inventory

    • Plans and Products
    • Floor plans
    • Credits and Benefits
  • Apps

    • Digital signage
    • Visitor management (NexIO)
    • Room panels (NexBoard)
    • Occupancy tracking (NexClicker)
    • Delivery management (NexDelivery)
  • Reports

    • 100+ transactional reports
    • Nexudus Explore

Training packages

Make the most of our platform with our training solutions. We offer bespoke full cost training packages for your company. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

  • Half-day Training

    Half-day Training

    A 4-hour session with one of our onboarding specialists at one of your locations with up to six members of your team.

    Available at selected locations only.

  • One Day Training

    One Day Training

    An 8-hour session with one of our onboarding specialists at one of your locations with up to six members of your team.

    Available at selected locations only.

  • AMA training

    AMA training

    Get direct access to one of our lead support specialists and book up to 4 hours of screen sharing calls per month.

  • 1 hour session

    1 hour session

    A 60-minute session with one of our onboarding specialists.

Nexudus’ most popular solutions

Our platform is loaded with tons of mission-critical features to help you make the most of your time. Coworking operators, flexible workspace managers and virtual community leaders can now benefit from the automation of all processes they need to run their virtual or physical workspaces.

  • Bookings and meeting rooms management

    Bookings and meeting rooms management

    Let your members book a room online using the booking calendar or Passport by Nexudus, our members’ mobile app. Contactless meeting room booking is also possible thanks to one of our companion apps, NexBoard!

  • Proposals and document templates

    Proposals and document templates

    Send proposals to your potential customers, allow them to preview details of a future contract, and let them sign contracts or documents with Digital Signature.

  • Floor Plans, offices and desks

    Floor Plans, offices and desks

    Use Floor Plans to give you a bird’s-eye view of your location, the desks and offices that are available and the location where each of your users will be sitting. Members and coworkers can also book desks through the Floor Plans screen on the Members’ Portal.

  • NexDelivery, scan and OCR delivery labels

    NexDelivery, scan and OCR delivery labels

    Manage your deliveries to your office space efficiently thanks to NexDelivery, our companion app that organises your mail and parcels.

  • Visitor management

    Visitor management

    Offer temporary access to visitors who want to use your space, for example, to take a tour of the space or to meet a member, for example. Administrators, members and contacts can grant access to visitors and allow them to use contactless check-in to enter your space securely.

  • Inventory module

    Inventory module

    Manage the services and items you sell to your customers, display floor plans of your space and define the membership plans, credits and benefits that will be made available to customers when they join your workspace or purchase one of your products.


  • What is an active user?

    Active users are those paying for a regular product or plan or who are part of a team paid by someone paying for a regular product or plan or who have been invoiced or made a booking in the last 30 days. If a user visits or makes more than one transaction in a location, that user only counts once towards the active users of that location for a given billing period. Other users are always kept in your CRM at no cost.

  • What currency will I be invoiced in?

    Depending on your location you can be invoiced in dollars, euros or pounds. Check prices here.

  • How do I contact support? How to report issues?

    You can email us to report any issues at can also email us at if you require more information about our platform or want a free demo.

  • What integrations do you support?

    We have multiple built-in integrations. Can’t find yours on our integrations page? Let us know about it or integrate it with our API.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    You always pay the lowest price based on your usage tier and prices are always adjusted to your actual usage. I.E: you will not have to pay for an "up to" number of members price up-front but, instead, you will be billed month by month for exactly the active users you have had that month.

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