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Tighten the security of your workspace with the integration between Nexudus and unifi.id

Always know who is in your space by connecting unifi.id to Nexudus. Their automated movement intelligence means you can say goodbye to your users forgetting to check in and out and get deeper insights into how your office is used.

Real-time employee monitoring
Unifi.id’s enhanced access cards mean you will always know who is in your building, the system mitigates the everyday issues faced with tail-gating, as well as missed check-in and check-out’s for greater clarity.

Emergency evacuation system
In case of an emergency, you will know instantly if anyone is left inside your building. Unifi.id’s emergency reporting system can quite literally save lives.

Personalised employee engagement
Send automated alerts and communications which can be triggered when needed to any user’s mobile device. Systems enable front of house staff to better engage with employees on entry.

Automated and detailed reporting
Get a deeper insight into the movements of your employees and members to gain a greater understanding of how your space is used.

About unifi.id

Unifi.id seamlessly identifies all occupants in buildings, zone-by-zone. Their system seamlessly detects the ID or access cards at long distances, which allows organisations to individually capture all occupants in their spaces using RFID Smart Cards. This Smart Card has your organisation’s current access control technology embedded in the same card.

Get Started

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and unifi.id, take a look at the dedicated unifi.id article in our Knowledge Base or contact our support team with any questions you might have about setting up the integration. Alternative, get in touch with unifi.id directly to discuss their systems in more detail.

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    Unifi.id is a complete automated movement intelligence solution that seamlessly identifies all members currently in your space, zone-by-zone, allowing automated alerts & communications to be triggered when needed to any mobile device.

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