TopBrewer by Scanomat

A connected coffee experience

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Charging for coffee made easy. Connect TopBrewer to Nexudus to charge members for the beverages they consume and to track consumption trends.

Members can select and customise their drink using the iPad, scan their QR code with the iPad camera, and their drink will be made fresh to order in seconds. Offer members a premium, connected coffee experience with TopBrewer by Scanomat.

Barista-style coffee on demand
For the coffee conscious among your members, sub-standard coffee is just not an option. Give your community access to barista-style coffee quickly and easily.

Sleek design
TopBrewer’s sleek and discrete design allows it to fit perfectly into any space. Say goodbye to the bulky coffee machines of the past, with the versatility of TopBrewer.

Connect purchases to Nexudus
Make purchasing coffee easier, with purchases added directly to users’ Nexudus account and they will see the charges on their next invoice.

TopBrewer by Scanomat in workspace

About Scanomat

Scanomat has been providing coffee solutions for over fifty years. They have become known globally for their high-quality, innovative solutions.

  • Sleek design - TopBrewer’s minimalistic, space-saving design allows it to blend into even the most design-conscious of workspaces.
  • Revolutionise how your space drinks coffee - provide your members with barista-style coffee prepared instantly.

Get started

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and Brivo, take a look at TopBrewer’s dedicated article in our knowledge base or contact our support team with any questions you may have about setting up the integration.

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    Scanomat is the world-leading manufacturer of premium, connected coffee machines. TopBrewer is their flagship coffee brewing solution that lets customers order, customise and pay for drinks using an integrated iPad.

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