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The integration between Nexudus and NearU allows users to automatically create new booking requests in your Nexudus account.

By connecting the two platforms together workspace providers who use Nexudus can now better manage their spaces listed on NearU. You can now automatically sync listings and meeting rooms directly from NearU. The integration also allows

users to check live availability, which bypasses booking requests, letting users book directly into your Nexudus account by checking booking availability.

Live sync
Automatically sync your listings and meeting rooms directly from NearU to Nexudus.

Users can check live availability
Bypass booking requests by letting users book directly into your Nexudus account by checking booking availability.

Free listing
List your site for free and access a global range of enterprise employees looking to book your space.

About NearU

NearU is an award-winning mobile & desktop platform offering on-demand, pay-as you-go workspaces and meeting rooms globally.

Our admin dashboard offers real-time usage data and insight into employee trends, helping you to remove the guess-work and make informed Real Estate and HR decisions.

With NearU, employers can now ensure that every employee has access to a safe, productive, and convenient workspace where and when they need it.

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If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and NearU, contact our support team with any questions you may have about setting up the integration.

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    NearU works with Nexudus by connecting the two platforms together. Once connected, each time a user makes a meeting room booking within NearU, we automatically create the booking in your Nexudus account.

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