Allow your members to set up Direct Debit agreements online through the GoCardless payment provider.

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Make collecting Direct Debit payments easier with the integration between Nexudus and GoCardless.

Using GoCardless alongside Nexudus allows you to collect payments from your members via Direct Debit transactions. These payments will be collected automatically, and the integration will automatically mark invoices as paid in Nexudus once successfully obtained.

Automatic payment
When your members provide valid payment details, the invoices’ payments raised by your Nexudus to them, will be collected automatically.

Automatic invoice reconciliation
When members pay their invoices via GoCardless, they will be marked as paid on Nexudus. This will help you save a lot of time checking if invoices have been paid and you will be able to keep track of your space finances using the reports available in your Nexudus account.

Payment notifications
You can effortlessly keep your coworkers up to date, notifying them when their next payment is coming up, requesting their payment details or informing them of any issues.

GoCardless has a very competitive pricing structure and doesn't charge for refunds or errors of any sort. For details on their pricing structure visit their pricing page.

GoCardless signup screens - image provided by GoCardless

About GoCardless

GoCardless is a global leader in recurring payments and the world’s largest global bank debit network. They leverage local bank debit schemes, such as SEPA in the EU and Bacs in the UK (Direct Debit), so their customers can efficiently and seamlessly collect one-off invoices or recurring payments.

  • Improved payment visibility means you know when your payments will be made.
  • Payments are made automatically on the agreed due date.
  • Lower churn, as failure rates are typically four times lower than cards.
  • Improve your cash flow, as ‘Pull’ payment mechanism leads to faster collection.

Get started

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Nexudus and GoCardless, take a look at GoCardless’ dedicated article in our knowledge base or contact our support team with any questions you may have about setting up the integration. Alternatively, get in touch with GoCardless directly to discuss new features like Open Banking, Success+ or a customer pricing offer.

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