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Bookings, Invoicing, Billing, Accounting, Emailing, Physical Mail Delivery, Automation, you name it - Nexudus does it. It’s the perfect balance of being simple to use, and very customisable.
Bo PericicFounder and CEO
Bo Pericic

Khospace is a group of flexible office spaces based in Aventura, Florida with additional locations in Delray Beach and Coral Gables, offering on-demand spaces for therapy and wellness providers.

Catering to the needs of professionals performing all types of wellness practices, including counselling, psychotherapy and physiotherapy, the offices are unique in that they are designed from the ground up for therapists, wellness and other types of healthcare professionals, and that they provide a high-end residential feel that goes beyond that of a typical coworking space.

As the space offers clients the opportunity to reserve offices by the hour, day or month, they are perfect for professionals at all stages of their therapeutic journey, enabling them to both start and scale their private practice.

We spoke with Bo Pericic, one of the founders and current CEO of Khospace, to discuss the way that Nexudus’ functionality aligns with their business model and how it enables them to operate without disruption and to continue to provide excellent service to their members.

Khospace exterior Khospace ribbon cutting

The Challenge

Before the team began using Nexudus, they were using a variety of tools that were all highly functional and beneficial in their own right, but lacked the cohesiveness of an all-in-one solution - they knew that needed a system that would take care of all of their operational needs.

Up until this point, they had undertaken thorough research and done their due diligence. "We must have tried and tested at least ten platforms." Bo explains. "They would generally fall short on flexibility, invoicing options, or user experience, from both an admin and client-facing standpoint."

Khospace mindspace

Going on to mention the fact that software should complement the businesses that use it, not the other way around, Bo mentions that the problem is that "most software looks good on paper but when you dig into real-world use, the weaknesses become obvious. We didn’t want to design business operations and user experience around the platform we use," Bo tells us. "The platform should fit around the business we want to run and the user experience we strive to deliver."

Some of the alternative solutions that Khospace had used in the past came with certain pitfalls, but perhaps none more significant than the difficulty that these platforms experienced when handling cancellations, credit notes and refunds. Not many solutions are designed with this flexibility in mind, Bo notes, and that contrary to most "coworking spaces with monthly rentals and hot-desk arrangements," their business is "a bit different." As therapy sessions "take place in hourly increments and emergency bookings/cancellations occasionally come with the territory," this became a major differentiator in their decision-making process.

As well as this, it was essential that they find a solution that was able to sync with their existing Kisi smart locks.

Khospace interior hallway Khospace therapy room interior

As it is hugely important that they maintain a business model that is fair to both their clients and themselves, Khospace offers a 12-hour cancellation policy. "If a client cancels a booking 12-hours (or more) before the scheduled booking, they are issued a credit note towards future bookings," Bo tells us. "With every other solution we tested, this had to be done manually." Given that they serve hundreds of members in multiple locations across dozens of rooms, automation in this area is key. "Just imagine having to take 3 or 4 manual steps for EACH cancellation," Bo asks us. It is fair to say that this is something that they wanted to avoid at all costs.

The Solution

1. Features and scalability

Bo mentions that Nexudus’ "extensive list of features" is what initially piqued his interest, as well as the scalability offered by the platform. This, combined with the software’s effectiveness and the quality, responsive nature of the team is what led Nexudus to become Khospace’s solution of choice.

"We needed certain features that were in the Nexudus development roadmap (though not yet rolled out) and the team came through and pushed out some of these features ahead of schedule to accommodate us."

Bo was sold by Nexudus’ "drive and desire to make clients happy." A lot of Khospace’s business success is "contingent upon a working platform and the ability to troubleshoot things quickly when they do go wrong." With this in mind, Nexudus’ customer service and client relations were needed, and became a major differentiator in their decision. "The continued level of personal care and attention is really unparalleled compared to any other platform," Bo tells us.

Khospace Interior - chairs and desk Khospace Interior - couch, desk and loveseat

2. An all-in-one solution

"Nexudus solved the problems we had by providing a platform that has everything in one solution. Bookings, Invoicing, Billing, Accounting, Emailing, Physical Mail Delivery, Automation, you name it - Nexudus does it. It’s the perfect balance of being simple to use, and very customisable."

Are there any features that you would like to make more use of in the future?

Bo tells us that they have not yet rolled out use of Passport by Nexudus, but that this is something that they plan on both implementing and white-labeling next quarter in 2021. "We’re very excited for this as it will streamline and simplify our user experience even more!"

Khospace Workshop Khospace Interior

Would you recommend Nexudus?

Bo tells us that he "absolutely" would recommend Nexudus to other operators. "As someone who has tried almost every platform, Nexudus is light years ahead of the competition in both features, UX, flexibility and support."

Khospace has a lot in the pipeline and the future is looking bright for the space. Their plan, as Bo explains, is a simple one. They hope to "build more locations, continue scaling and help make the world a better place by making therapy and wellness services more accessible to all by minimizing barriers to entry for providers."

You can keep up to date with Khospace’s journey by visiting their website.

Bo Pericic Headshot

Bo Pericic is one of the Founders and current CEO of Khospace.

  • About

    Khospace is a flexible office space focused on providing therapy rooms for therapy and wellness providers.

  • Industry

    Health and Wellness

  • Company Size

    25-50 employees

  • Location

    Florida, US

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