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A versatile tool that facilitates operational excellence and scalability.

“For us, Nexudus is a fundamental tool. We could do without several others, but it would be difficult to do without this one. It's a versatile tool that allows us to adapt to changes in our day-to-day operations. For example, we have been able to easily incorporate new services. It has also facilitated the scalability of the business. Nexudus is not an expensive service, considering the contribution that it makes to the thriving operations of our spaces.”
Patricia LouridoData Manager, Impact Hub Madrid
Patricia Lourido


  • A key operational tool to manage over 2000 members in total across five spaces and over 19000 contacts in one place, with sophisticated CRM technology
  • A powerhouse of resource booking functionality, allowing members across Impact Hub’s spaces to seamlessly access spaces, book meeting rooms and other facilities
  • Dedicated members portal features (on mobile and desktop) that allow customers to manage plans, make payments, check space availability and engage with their network, not just in their workspace, but across all the spaces in Madrid
  • Industry-leading reporting tools that allow Impact Hub Madrid to measure and improve both its performance and sustainability as it scales. This feature is the key to making business decisions.


The first Impact Hub opened in 2005 in London to make it easier for entrepreneurs to work, meet and learn in a collaborative and innovative environment. Today Impact Hub is the largest global network of entrepreneurship communities of impact, present in 55 countries around the world.

Through its 100 coworking and event spaces and more than 200 annual entrepreneurship and innovation programs, Impact Hub inspires, connects, and enables individuals, companies, and organisations to generate positive impact through their professional activities. In Spain, Impact Hub has a presence in Madrid, Donostia, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Malaga.

Working with Nexudus:

Since 2014, Nexudus has worked closely with the Impact Hub Madrid team to deliver on its mission to promote entrepreneurs and organisations that generate a positive impact from their professional and entrepreneurial activity.

A fundamental tool for success.

The Impact Hub Madrid team cites Nexudus as a fundamental tool for its operational success. The team states that while they might be able to do without some of the other tools in their technology stack, Nexudus is irreplaceable.

Nexudus offers Impact Hub’s growing team powerful admin features to manage daily operations, such as bookings, invoicing, payments, plans, events and more, through a centralised dashboard. Impact Hub’s operational teams can also use their CRM functionality to book tours, create reminders, set goals for their team, manage their sales pipeline and send proposals to future customers.

Adaptable and agile.

When Impact Hub wants to expand to a new location or start offering new services, Nexudus makes this happen almost instantaneously. The team mentions that the platform’s agility, versatility and expandability keep Impact Hub’s operations fast and fluid, allowing them to make changes quickly to respond to new requests and offer added functionality within their spaces.

The constantly evolving nature of Nexudus also ensures Impact Hub remains future-proof with its operations. 100s of native integrations, which are always expanding, allow for the team to integrate invoicing and financial tools within their Nexudus dashboard, while also enabling them to automate processes such as Moloni and Radius.

Enhancing member experiences.

Nexudus offers award-winning community features to its customers, and Impact Hub Madrid utilises them to their fullest potential. The operations team can create bespoke events for members, keep them informed of activities with newsletters, provide discussion boards that fuel collaboration and even offer personalised perks from within a single dashboard.

Impact Hub members can make the most of their Nexudus experience through a white-labelled app that becomes their dedicated passport for their space. Members can do everything from accessing their location to booking key resources, securing tickets to events, paying their invoices and even being notified of their deliveries.

  • About

    A certified B-corp and a global hub for community working, Impact Hub has 100 locations, with 17,000 professionals and 1,200 experts, all working together to create positive and sustainable outcomes through their economic activity. Nexudus and Impact Hub Madrid have worked together since 2014 to help the organisation become more agile, streamline its daily operations, enhance member experience and scale globally.

  • Industry

    Coworking - Technology

  • Company Size

    Over 2000 members across five coworking spaces

  • Location

    Madrid, Spain

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