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Produktiv is a UK-based flex space advisory and analytics platform created to help best in class operators of flex spaces achieve their vision and to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. From new entrants to established operators, we help to ensure workflows, processes and technology support the customer experience being delivered.

Businesses no longer just need office space, but a productivity solution to attract and retain the best talent. Through our innovative analytics platform, we generate meaningful insights to ensure that how space is used is fully understood, thereby helping to improve the experience, wellbeing and productivity of those who use it.

We recognise that every operator is different and work with you to understand your challenges, help identify areas for improvement and deliver value-added solutions. In an increasingly ‘phygital’ world where the lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurred, we take a holistic view: from design, branding and marketing, to the repositioning of space, operations and technology, we ensure that how your space is used is fully understood, by transforming data analytics into meaningful, actionable data insights. We can also help to drive secondary revenue streams such as meeting room and events revenue, memberships, and virtual office solutions.

Only with a holistic value proposition where every touchpoint across both the digital and physical worlds has been considered will strong innovation and value creation result, driving new member growth, retention and lifetime values.

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