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NCG was founded with the mission to take services at the forefront of innovation and deliver them using tried and tested methods from the traditional IT world. By integrating customised Nexudus deployments with IoT sensor technology, advanced data analytics and reliable connectivity services, we are truly a one-stop shop for the technology flexible office providers need to be successful. Our team is focused on the delivery of projects across Europe that produce real value for our customers. From occupant retention to integrated security systems, we are proud to have dynamic solutions to the modern-day challenges facing flexible office providers.

NCG are focused on innovation and the promotion of technologies that deliver real-world value to our clients. We’re on the forefront of IoT deployments into flexible office spaces providing integrated office occupancy sensors into spaces across the UK to improve space utilisation and increase office attendance. We’re true believers in the power of data so we’ve built our industry-leading data integration tool specifically to allow our clients to get real-time, error-checked sensor data directly from their spaces. This has been critical to our clients who are looking to optimise their space and influence the design of future office layouts using real-world data. We are also a RESET® accredited data provider. This means that alongside our sensor partners Kaiterra, we are one of the only companies in the UK that can provide a one-stop shop for RESET® indoor air quality certification.

We also provide the connectivity to link all these technologies together. That means being faster and more reliable than the competition. We pride ourselves on owning our own network infrastructure as well as being an OFCOM regulated internet service provider. This reliability has been crucial to our flexible office clients like Bold (part of Newable) – allowing them to get their spaces up and running faster. Integrating connectivity diagnostics into Nexudus also ensures that issues can be resolved faster without impacting your occupiers.

To find out more about how we can help you and your visit our website at https://www.​​industries/flex-office

  • Launching a new flexible office isn’t easy - but with full service support from NCG for everything from connectivity to space management and CCTV, we’re now confident that our technology matches the high quality of service we plan to provide our customers
    Wilco Wijnbergen, CEO, InfinitSpace
  • With our desire to offer a more flexible and intelligent space, NCG were a natural partner. Their ability to provide connectivity, access control, AV and software customisation whilst integrating it all together has been crucial to our launch at Bauhaus
    Caleb Parker, Founder & Director, Bold
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