Loop Technologies

Loop Technologies

Nexudus Implementation and Support Specialist

Loop Technologies pays personal attention to you and your business. Are you overwhelmed with all the functions, features and possibilities of Nexudus? Wonder what will work the best for your co-working space? Want to know how you can get the best out of Nexudus to maximise your efficiency and revenues?

I will help with any integration, configuring the system to meet your particular needs, and I will provide you with support throughout the process.

Some of the services I can provide include:

  • Importing all data from Excel to Nexudus.
  • Personalising your space’s website and emails
  • User interface design
  • Creating engaging register flows with options to pay for memberships, day passes or to book meeting rooms
  • Full configuration of your building’s Floor Plans
  • Developing a unique mobile app (Android/iOS)
  • Developing any desired feature that is missing from your website
  • Creating automated reports and graphs using Microsoft Power BI and Excel files
  • Building a notifications and alerts plan
  • Integrating with PayPal, Stripe, Hubspot, SaltoKS and HelloSign and more

Contact me here: abelson@loop.co.il

  • Dekel really dedicated his time and provided us with many hours of integration, developing and technical support. As the biggest co-working business in Spain, with over 14 space buildings, it was important for us to work with someone who could give us professional support and an answer to all our needs in managing our operations with Nexudus as a CRM.
    Lucas Cepeda Moritz, CTO of Utopicus Workspace
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