Product Development, Software Consultancy, IT Solutions Provider

Devbeans Technologies is a Product Development Studio that specialises in the domains of Secure mobility solutions, shared space management software, Game Development, CRM/ERP Solutions, Logistics, SAAS, E-commerce & Edtech Solutions. Our clients and partners are based in our home country; Pakistan, the US, Middle East (KSA & UAE), and we’re rapidly increasing our outreach to other countries.

Our team has extensive experience working with Coworking spaces and their teams for the past 6 years and counting. We help clients scale their usability of Nexudus and maximise productivity in their space. We have deployed our custom developments to multiple client locations over the past few years and have had huge success with them.

Our area of expertise is scoping the client’s requests operationally and technically and implementing a solution that is robust enough to handle thousands of customers every month. We follow a tiered approach:

  1. Scoping
  2. Nexudus Basic Implementation
  3. Design of additional requirements - UI/UX & Architecture
  4. Launch of Nexudus + Bridge Software
  5. Analyzing user behaviour & data
  6. Making tweaks and improving software
  7. Providing constant support with Nexudus & Custom Software - +92 322 8022137

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