Consultants & Implementation Specialists

Below you will find a curated list of consultants and implementation specialists who have extensive experience in numerous areas relevant to the coworking and shared workspace industry. Many of them regularly help Nexudus customers.

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  • #10 LLC

    #10 LLC

    #10 is a Digital Agency with experience helping businesses build their brand on the Nexudus platform. Whether you're just starting out, or porting over an existing business to Nexudus, we can help with:

    • Designing and developing a Nexudus-friendly responsive website.
    • Integrating your Nexudus site with external services such as Email Marketing, CRM or Accounting platforms.
    • Handling maintenance once your site goes live.

    We also have a strong ecommerce background and can aid in any online selling needs. Our process and mindset centers around removing any obstacle that interrupts engagement and keeps your audience laser focused on completing their goal, whether that's hitting the buy button or getting in touch with your sales team.

  • AnyWhere


    AnyWhere was launched with the aim of enriching society and people’s lives by allowing everyone to work and live affluently anywhere. By providing the “TeamPlace” platform, we allow users to discover potential and attractive workplaces and help people connect with others for various types of business around the globe, matching individuals with common values around life and work.

    We focus on 3 business areas:

    • Business consulting to support business operations and digital transformation
    • Space consulting to help space owners to create workplace concepts
    • Operating the “TeamPlace” platform

    With a large number of workplace connections and knowledge of operating coworking sharing spaces across Japan, we support local customers with their needs and help them to achieve their business goals. Our team members have strong experience in IT, design, e-commerce and coworking/shared office management consulting.

    Our main areas of expertise are Localisation, Strategy, IT, Operations, and IoT.

  • Colliding Clouds

    Colliding Clouds

    Since joining the coworking industry in 2015, Jana found a passion in operations, training, and technical support for Nexudus. Helping local brands in the launch into the franchise arena and setting up and supporting multiple locations, Jana saw a need to bring an operator’s perspective and the technical mind together to create Colliding Clouds. As a Consultant Jana offers a variety of services, learning your brand, each is tailored to your needs and specifications.

  • coworking4you


    Bernd has been working together with Nexudus since 2014, when preparing the launch of Coworking4You - the first Coworking Space outside from Cologne on the country side of "Bergisches Land"

    Coworking4You started in March 1st, 2015. The decision to use Nexudus was taken at this time, as it provided most flexibility in comparison to other offerings in the market.

    Coworking4You has continuously developed the offerings for its customers and Nexudus did provide an important part of this success by offering more and more capabilities.

    With our experience of five years Coworking outside the city and requests about Coworking from other places, we decided beginning of 2020 to package a Franchising offer for new partners by combining our Know How and the Nexudus software. March 1st, 2020 we launched this offering to the German speaking market.

    We don't limit our Nexudus support to Franchise-Partners. We are open to support you, if you want to build a successful customer community around your business. We are happy to present you great examples for different types of businesses. For these customers we provide the Nexudus solution including German speaking support.

    More Information about our Franchise offering you will find here: Coworking4You Franchise

    Coworking4You and our Nexudus support are offerings from Roggio AB GmbH

    Bernd arbeitet seit 2014 mit der Nexudus Software, als er die Eröffnung von Coworking4You - dem ersten Coworking Space im Bergischen Land - vorbereitete.

    Am 01. März 2015 wurde der Coworking4You Space eröffnet. Die Entscheidung für Nexudus fiel zum damaligen Zeitpunkt, da es im Vergleich mit anderen Anbietern am flexibelsten eingerichtet werden konnte.

    Über die Jahre hat sich unser Angebot bei Coworking4You kontinuierlich weiter entwickelt und Nexudus hat über seine weitere Entwicklung der Software einen sehr großen Teil hierzu beigetragen.

    Mit den Erfahrungen aus fünf Jahren Coworking außerhalb der Großstadt und durch Anfragen zum Thema Coworking an weiteren Standorten, haben wir uns Anfang 2020 entschieden unseren Coworking4You Brand, kombiniert mit unserem Know How und der Nexudus Lösung, als Franchise Angebot verfügbar zu machen.

    Pünktlich zu unserem fünfjährigen Jubiläum am 01. März 2020 haben wir unser Angebot veröffentlicht.

    Wir bieten die Nexudus Anwendungen heute nicht nur für unsere Franchise-Partner. Auch für alle Anwender, die eine erfolgreiche Community aufbauen möchten, stellen wir die Software mit lokalem Support in Deutschland zur Verfügung.

    Mehr Infos zu unserem Franchise-Angebot gibt es hier: Coworking4You Franchise

    Coworking4You und unser Nexudus Support sind Angebote der Roggio AB GmbH

  • coworktech by techsapiens

    coworktech by techsapiens

    • Complete IT services for coworking spaces
    • United Kingdom

    We live and breathe coworking. Over the last five years, we have worked with coworking spaces around UK and internationally. We’ve worked with a wide variety of hardware, software, systems, services and vendors - whether it’s Nexudus consulting, website and app customisation, WiFi, print management, access control, Point of Sale or the latest meeting room or project war room tech, we’ve done it all.

    We provide an end-to-end service which means we can advise on, have visibility of and manage and support every aspect of the coworking technology ecosystem, from a member’s mobile device all the way to the internet including the hardware, software and cloud services in between.

    Unlike other coworking focused service providers, we are vendor & platform agnostic. We choose vendors and platforms to suit the client and the project rather than pushing our own products or services. What’s more, we actively help develop the ecosystem by working with vendors and platforms to build integrations and building them ourselves as needed.

    We’re based in London and work with spaces all over the world. We can work with you in person, on the phone, via email and online via remote access.

    We’re a young, ambitious business with an established track record and understand what other ambitious and independent businesses want and need. We give you advice that’s personalised to you and your specific needs.

    As a service provider, we run 24x7 monitoring and management systems to ensure that most issues are spotted long before they become a problem.

    If these are things you value, then rest assured that no other provider can match what we offer.

    To find out more about the services we provide and how we work, visit our coworking microsite at

  • Devbeans


    • Product Development, Software Consultancy, IT Solutions Provider
    • Pakistan

    Devbeans Technologies is a Product Development Studio that specialises in the domains of Secure mobility solutions, shared space management software, Game Development, CRM/ERP Solutions, Logistics, SAAS, E-commerce & Edtech Solutions. Our clients and partners are based in our home country; Pakistan, the US, Middle East (KSA & UAE), and we’re rapidly increasing our outreach to other countries.

    Our team has extensive experience working with Coworking spaces and their teams for the past 6 years and counting. We help clients scale their usability of Nexudus and maximise productivity in their space. We have deployed our custom developments to multiple client locations over the past few years and have had huge success with them.

    Our area of expertise is scoping the client’s requests operationally and technically and implementing a solution that is robust enough to handle thousands of customers every month. We follow a tiered approach:

    1. Scoping
    2. Nexudus Basic Implementation
    3. Design of additional requirements - UI/UX & Architecture
    4. Launch of Nexudus + Bridge Software
    5. Analyzing user behaviour & data
    6. Making tweaks and improving software
    7. Providing constant support with Nexudus & Custom Software - +92 322 8022137

  • FluidOne


    At FluidOne, we are proud to be an award-winning Connected Cloud Solutions provider that’s consistently achieving one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry (securing 83 for August 2021). Our national fibre network, Platform One, underlies each of our services and is the most connected network in the UK.

    Our Flexispace Solution takes advantage of our award-winning connectivity network and extends it into office buildings to offer landlords an unrivalled quality of service for themselves and their tenants. Delivered by a team with over 15 years of experience in providing flexible space technology solutions, we help landlords and tenants thrive by incorporating leading smart-building technologies into their networks.

    Underpinned by our leading hardware, connectivity, and voice solutions, we untangle the complicated strands required to run, deliver, and operate connected buildings. The comprehensive flexible space solutions we offer to landlords and tenants are secure, effective, and scalable for their flexible office spaces as they adapt and change over time. By delivering and supporting the latest technologies, we enable flexible spaces to operate smoothly and efficiently - even in the most challenging environments!

    We know that every customer’s needs are unique to them and their business.  It all comes down to having an inherent understanding of making complex hybrid environments simple to use.

    To find out more, contact us at:


    Tel: 020 7099 6881

  • Foundation Technologies

    Foundation Technologies

    • Network and technology consultancy
    • Minnesota, USA

    As agnostic technology solution providers, we focus on what makes the most sense for your space. Our goal is always to let you focus on what you do best - managing your space and working with your people - let us handle the technology headaches.

    We help manage, maintain, monitor and configure your wired and wireless networks.

    Our team can also assist with technology integrations, and even offer additional services as Apple Authorized Resellers, Service Providers and Consultants.

    Foundation has been in business for over 20 years, and we help over 5,000 locations in North America, and offer design, deployment, and support services for complex networks – including options for Network-as-a-Service; our all-inclusive monthly subscription to networking.

  • Happy Working Lab

    Happy Working Lab

    • Full coworking advisory from the initial conceptualization to the launch
    • United States

    HWL is a hand-on international coworking and coliving consulting agency committed to the results of their clients. Their mission is to help corporations, real estate companies and/or entrepreneurs to embrace new models of work and live through their knowledge, experience, methodology and tools.

    Vanessa Sans is behind HWL. She has been working on the coworking industry for more than 8 years. Vanessa Sans founded Transforma in 2012 and has been running the Coworking Europe and Coworking Spain conferences since 2013, the Coworking Africa Conference since 2015 and Coworking India Conference since 2016. She is supported by a multidisciplinary team, with expertise in new models of work and live.

    HWL have been collaborating in a sort of coworking projects, building up work & life balance and delivering successfully entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainable businesses projects worldwide. Some of their clients are: Fira Barcelona (a hub of 6.000m2), Aspasios Apartments (hotel coworking), Factory 103 (Coworking space of 1.200m2), Cape Town Office (Coworking space of 1.100m2), Coworkidea (coworking space of 700m2) and Kubik (coworking space of 900m2).

  • infinitSpace


    Everything we do is aimed at fostering human connections. We believe in improving the quality of peoples' lives, by providing an inspiring and collaborative workspace to everyone within a 15-minute commute, reducing the carbon footprint and creating a positive change in local communities, everywhere.

    We act on behalf of Landlords as their flexible workspace management company.

    We do so by providing ‘white label’ flexible workspace brands to Landlords.

    We also offer high-end services to all of the office building tenants (traditional & flexible) by a complete tenant experience software (customized app) that significantly increases the tenant experience.

    InfinitSpace was founded by former WeWork’s European GM, a former Director of Real Estate at Mindspace and a very experienced Tech Entrepreneur, in order to combine flexible workspace solutions for the benefits of Office Landlords.

    More information about Europe’s first white label flexspace-as-a-service provider is available on our website, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Infostride


    • Nexudus Implementation, Customization and Support Consultancy
    • USA & APAC

    As a full-fledged technology and business solutions provider, InfoStride has a global presence headquartered in the USA and a development center in APAC. We partner with our clients to help ideate, execute, and accelerate their digital initiatives through our consulting capabilities, solutions, and services. With expertise in all major industries and backed by a global team of skilled professionals, we excel at transforming business challenges into opportunities for success.

    Our team of Nexudus experts can work with you to implement Nexudus as per your coworking space requirements. We can configure, customize, integrate the operations, inventory, Finance, Contracts and other Nexudus modules to maximize your ROI. We have successfully implemented Nexudus platform for a number of our enterprise customers. We will be happy to share the case studies with you if required.

    Think Global, Activate Local

    • Women Owned Small Business Enterprise
    • HQ in San Jose, CA with offshore Development Center in APAC
    • Collaborative Experience of 25+ years in Technology Landscape
    • Global Clientele range from SMB to Enterprise Level
    • In-House Team of Certified Engineers, Developers and Data Scientists
    • Agile Methodology driven framework & processes
    • Robust Infrastructure to expand in USA, EMEA, Canada and APAC markets
    • Innovation Driven Culture
    • Diversity & Inclusion

    At InfoStride, we deliver value through the combination of the right people, processes, systems and technologies. Our approach includes applying our domain expertise in specific industry segments, deploying our extremely talented workforce, leveraging our global delivery model and implementing proven methodologies and processes while staying cost-effective. This enables us to serve our global customers better, no matter how complex their business needs are. You can read more about our services portfolio here:

    Contact us:

    Nexudus Implementation & Support Services Form

  • La Famiglia

    La Famiglia

    La Famiglia is a "famigliar" technology consultancy. As our name suggests, our intention is clear: to return the closeness, affection and trust in technology to companies.

    We are a group of professionals with vast experience in working with corporations and large accounts, who decided to leave our jobs to take advantage of our knowledge of the market, suppliers, and appropriate technical solutions to execute a new opportunity - to digitalise and raise the technological level of small and medium-sized companies, according to a modern IT master plan.

    The majority of our staff are experts in almost all technological disciplines, and this critical asset allows us to create a tailor-made department for the customer. With this trust and our partners’ support, we develop close, professional relationships with our clients. We maintain and even improve on the requirement levels and response of the larger consultancy firms. With a smaller structure that involves lower costs, we take the illusion out of technology for our customers.

    We are not huge, but we do it better. We are not cheap, but the result of our work is more lasting.

  • Loop Technologies

    Loop Technologies

    Loop Technologies pays personal attention to you and your business. Are you overwhelmed with all the functions, features and possibilities of Nexudus? Wonder what will work the best for your co-working space? Want to know how you can get the best out of Nexudus to maximise your efficiency and revenues?

    I will help with any integration, configuring the system to meet your particular needs, and I will provide you with support throughout the process.

    Some of the services I can provide include:

    • Importing all data from Excel to Nexudus.
    • Personalising your space’s website and emails
    • User interface design
    • Creating engaging register flows with options to pay for memberships, day passes or to book meeting rooms
    • Full configuration of your building’s Floor Plans
    • Developing a unique mobile app (Android/iOS)
    • Developing any desired feature that is missing from your website
    • Creating automated reports and graphs using Microsoft Power BI and Excel files
    • Building a notifications and alerts plan
    • Integrating with PayPal, Stripe, Hubspot, SaltoKS and HelloSign and more

    Contact me here:

  • Marimba


    We are committed to create beautiful things with a clear purpose: to be useful. We concept, prototype, design and build digital products for small and big clients.

    We like to discuss, workshop and plan together so our goal is to be a trusted partner of our clients.

    This is what we are pretty good at:

    • Identity & Branding
    • User experience design
    • User interface design
    • App design
    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development

  • Monday Works

    Monday Works

    Monday Works helps launch and grow flexible workspaces.

    We can help with everything that’s involved in setting up your workspace and reaching target occupancy. This includes financial feasibility, business planning and setting up the operations & technology. But our specific expertise is around building a compelling brand proposition and marketing plans.

    Typically we help with:

    • New entrants into the market (CREs) looking to reposition their assets to include flexspace
    • Existing independent operators who are looking to grow their membership base and add additional revenue streams

    Our Background

    Jamie Dundas (Monday Works CEO) has extensive experience, having co-founded his own coworking business (The Refinery); which has run for the last 8 years and attracted a loyal fan base. We know what it takes to make coworking spaces profitable.

  • Netpremacy Global Services

    Netpremacy Global Services

    Netpremacy is one of the most trusted Google Cloud Premier Partners in the UK. We revolve around our team of fully certified engineers and trainers that specialise in consulting on complex cloud strategies, enabling us to deliver successful business and digital transformations time after time. We have deep knowledge and experience within our field, and form trusted relationships across our entire Google Cloud portfolio; deploying Google technologies since 2006 to over 3000 clients ranging from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies and are the current Google Global Workplace Transformation Enterprise partner of the year.

    If you want to integrate Nexudus with your meeting room booking system or report on your Nexudus data we can help you:

    • Integrate Nexudus with G-Suite and Google Calendar for room booking and availability
    • Stream your Nexudus data in Google’s BigQuery Data Warehouse allowing you to slice and dice the data to gain powerful insights
    • Develop reports for you in Google’s free of charge Data Studio application
    • Train you to become self-sufficient in Data Studio for any ongoing reporting requirements

  • Newday Media

    Newday Media

    Newday Media is a web design agency based near Bristol, specialising in Nexudus platform integrations.

    If you need help with your Nexudus website, we can help with:

    • Converting your Nexudus site to match your brand
    • Creating custom Nexudus templates
    • Connecting to external services, including 3rd party API's
    • Handling maintenance once your site goes live.

  • Next Level Coworking

    Next Level Coworking

    Take your coworking space to the next level

    The team behind Next Level Coworking are coworking space operators with extensive experience and knowledge of Nexudus.

    Before opening Collabor8te, a successful coworking space with more than 300 members, Teresa ran a CRM consultancy, helping businesses navigate the process of implementing a customer relationship process and software. This technical know-how proved useful when getting Nexudus set up for Collabor8te, 8 years ago.

    Of course, Nexudus has changed and grown a lot over the years and we’ve grown with it, making use of all the rich features that the software has to offer, and running our coworking space is easier all the time!

    Alena brings creative skills and use of coding to the team, so we can match your Nexudus website to your own brand. We can even build you your own WordPress website integrated into the member platform for next-level custom design!

    Both Teresa and Alena have completed extensive training on Nexudus and are accredited to Legend status. We know the system inside out and how to adapt the software for the varying needs of the equally varied amazing coworking spaces around the world.

  • NMCS


    • Coworking & Flexible Workspace Consultancy
    • London, UK

    As Industry experts, we can support you throughout your journey as a co-working or flexible office owner/operator. NMCS has advised on and launched Nexudus across a number of successful brands. We have the experience and network, through relationships with a vast range of top tier service providers, to deliver any and every element of a co-working and flexible office operation.

    If you are looking to launch your business powered by Nexudus, we can help from concept through to the commissioning and launch. Equally, if you have already got the platform, we can optimise and enhance your setup, so that you get the most out of the Nexudus.

    We will work with you to identify and advise how you want to operate and, as a result, how Nexudus needs to be configured to facilitate that experience. We know the right questions to ask. We give you the confidence that you are making the best decisions for today, and the future.

    What we do: ● Consultancy ● Managed Service ● Connectivity Solutions ● Software Development ● Fit Out ● Access Control ● CCTV ● Printing ● IoT

  • Possible


    We have more than 10 years of experience helping our clients to become more digital. We help you to increase your market value through data analysis. Our objective is to help our clients by guiding them to digitalise processes to increase revenues and reduce operational costs. After we conduct an operational and functional analysis, we put a complete and specific plan in place to use the latest technology to advance the processes, departments and parts of your business that can be improved.

    The services we offer are:

    Cloud Microservices: We design and develop digital platforms based on these technologies to encompass all the capabilities and offer a quality product to our clients.

    Mobile/Desktop Apps: We carry out mobile and desktop apps for different operative systems (Android, iOS, Windows) either with a native or hybrid approach so that the value/cost is balanced.

    Artificial Knowledge: Data analysis of a certain process or company in order to have a complete knowledge map.

    Our expertise lies in data analysis and artificial knowledge, and we specialise in auditing, planning, designing and implementing digital transformation schemes for large companies.

  • Produktiv


    Produktiv is a UK-based flex space advisory and analytics platform created to help best in class operators of flex spaces achieve their vision and to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. From new entrants to established operators, we help to ensure workflows, processes and technology support the customer experience being delivered.

    Businesses no longer just need office space, but a productivity solution to attract and retain the best talent. Through our innovative analytics platform, we generate meaningful insights to ensure that how space is used is fully understood, thereby helping to improve the experience, wellbeing and productivity of those who use it.

    We recognise that every operator is different and work with you to understand your challenges, help identify areas for improvement and deliver value-added solutions. In an increasingly ‘phygital’ world where the lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurred, we take a holistic view: from design, branding and marketing, to the repositioning of space, operations and technology, we ensure that how your space is used is fully understood, by transforming data analytics into meaningful, actionable data insights. We can also help to drive secondary revenue streams such as meeting room and events revenue, memberships, and virtual office solutions.

    Only with a holistic value proposition where every touchpoint across both the digital and physical worlds has been considered will strong innovation and value creation result, driving new member growth, retention and lifetime values.

  • The Melting Pot

    The Melting Pot

    Through our Coworking Consultancy service, we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise to help other place-makers and entrepreneurs set up and maintain their dream spaces – with less risk, stress and the loneliness of leadership.

  • Tony Bacigalupo

    Tony Bacigalupo

    • Coworking space development expert & coach
    • New York, NY, USA

    After starting and running Manhattan's first coworking space from 2008 to 2015, Tony has turned to helping thousands of others start and grow thriving coworking spaces all around the world. He offers an online video mastermind group, one-on-one coaching, and downloadable templates including a business model planning kit.

Know Nexudus inside-out?

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