Webinar: Protecting your Nexudus account with User Roles & 2FA

Webinar: Protecting your Nexudus account with User Roles & 2FA

On Thursday 1st September at 5pm, our Training Manager, Sam Richardson, will be hosting a free webinar about how to best to secure your Nexudus account

Regardless of industry, cyber attacks are on the rise, which means it is more important than ever to ensure that your workspace is as secure as possible. With so much sensitive data stored in your Nexudus account, we want to make sure all our customers know how to secure their workspaces, giving both your and your customers peace of mind that their data is safe. 

But what will the webinar cover, and what can you expect to learn?

  • Nexudus Security 101

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • User Roles

Two-Factor Authentication

Many of you will already be aware of Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication, as it's now required by a growing number of businesses. According to Microsoft, their services experience over 300 Million attempted fraudulent sign-ins on a daily basis. This is a staggering number, and shows just how important employing stringent cyber security measures is. 

Fortunately, Two-Factor Authentication is a simple way to strengthen your business against such sign in attempts. Microsoft also suggests that by implementing Two-Factor authentication, you will be able to block 99.9% of fraudulent sign in attempts.

When you enable Two-factor Authentication, Admins will be asked to enter a code after entering their username and password. This code will be sent to their phone via an App such as Google Authenticator. Implementing this simple but effective security protocol will give you peace of mind that your Nexudus account can only be accessed by members of your team. This webinar will give you all the information you need to set up and use 2FA successfully, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about how it works.

User Roles

When running a workspace you might not want to give all members of your team the same level of access to the Admin Panel. Luckily, Nexudus User Roles allow you to choose the level of access you want each Admin User to have. 

These User Roles allow you to set access parameters for each member of your team, so members can only access and edit the information that is relevant to their specific roles. As you can imagine, this is a great way to ensure the data held in your Nexudus account is kept safe and secure. 

During the webinar, Sam will go into more detail as to what exactly User Roles are and the benefits of using them. As well as this he will show you exactly how to set them up, while also showing how to onboard and offboard people with User Roles - no stone will be left unturned for you! 

As you can see, there are loads of different ways you can ensure your Nexudus account is secure, and we want to help all of our customers to use these features effectively. That’s why we have set up this free webinar for you to attend, and get all the information you need directly from our Training Manager, Sam. We can't wait to welcome as many of you as possible, and also look forward to answering any questions you might have on the topic as well.

Don't forget to book your place by clicking here.

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