Make life easier for hybrid working teams in your workspace with these features and integrations

Make life easier for hybrid working teams in your workspace with these features and integrations

With increasing numbers of businesses embracing a hybrid working model, it is becoming more important than ever for coworking and flex workspaces to adopt tools to make this process easier for teams using their workspaces. A recent article by AllWork mentioned that over 70% of professionals worldwide expect a hybrid model, which is why spaces are seeing such an influx of these teams. 

Undoubtedly, the increased popularity and normalisation of hybrid working has been a great boon for the industry, with fewer businesses feeling the need to shell out on pricy permanent offices with long leases. In order to make life as easy as possible for businesses making the move to coworking and flex workspaces, though, it is vital that space operators provide them with the tools they need to make this ‘new normal’ of working as smooth and pain-free as possible. 

Fortunately, Nexudus can provide workspaces with a wide range of tools that are both native to the platform and can be integrated with as well, alleviating many of the pain points that hybrid working and distributed teams can bring.

So, let’s go through a few of these tools and features that you can implement in your workspace to make life easier for hybrid working teams. 

Video Conferencing Systems

Integrating with video conferencing providers, such as Zoom or Jitsi, is a great way to allow teams to collaborate and work together regardless of where they are physically working from. 

Jitsi, for example, allows you to set up always-on virtual rooms, fantastic for teams with some of their members working remotely. These virtual rooms allow users to drop in and out at will, perfect for those quick questions or chats without having to set up a dedicated meeting. 

In addition, always-on virtual rooms also provide a brilliant solution to the isolation that can be felt while remote working, as it offers the ability to jump in and socialise with colleagues at lunch or maybe just for a quick cup of coffee. With Jitsi’s integration with Nexudus you can create your own virtual water cooler!

Zoom is another great integration to make life easier for teams in your space with some of their members working remotely and is a fantastic integration for operators looking to take the stress and confusion out of meetings in your workspace. 

Zoom for Bookings, for example, is a fantastic tool that allows customers to include their own meeting links whenever they book one of your resources. All they have to do to achieve this is to connect their Zoom account on the Members’ Portal. This will automatically include a zoom meeting link along with any booked resource, allowing remote members of the team to join from wherever they are working, and taking one step out of the process of booking meetings in your workspace. 

Members’ Portal

The Nexudus Members’ Portal is another fantastic tool to foster collaboration between teams and also make the day-to-day administration of teams that much easier. 

For team owners, the Members’ Portal is fantastic for giving an overview of how their team members have interacted with the space. The metrics section of the members portal gives all the details a team leader could possibly want to know about their members, for example, the number of booking credits each team member has assigned, and which members of the team have received the most additional charges. 

Being able to see and understand the activity of your team displayed in a visual way can be an invaluable tool for those who are still adjusting to a hybrid working model and want to stay on top of how their team is accessing the space. 

Hot desk booking

Obviously, a key aspect of facilitating the lives of teams within your workspace is making desk bookings as straightforward as possible. Nexudus gives you and your members flexibility in this regard, and the ability to make desk bookings in whatever way works best, be it via a desktop or mobile device. 

Another feature that was added to the platform last year allows you to display who has booked each desk or meeting room in your space. While this is an entirely optional feature and is certainly not suitable for every operator, it can be useful in giving hybrid working teams visibility on where their colleagues are working. 

Floorplans are a great way to make desk bookings easier, as it gives your members a way to visualise your workspace and make sure they are booking desks close to their colleagues. Nexudus also offers an integration with Archilogic which provides fantastic 3D floorplans of your workspace that look incredible. 

These floor plans can be accessed through both the Members’ Portal on a browser or the Passport by Nexudus app, giving users the flexibility to book desks for whoever works best for them is a great way to make their lives easier and ensure an easy transition to a hybrid working model. 

Passport by Nexudus

The Passport by Nexudus app is perfect for teams, both in terms of management and collaboration. You will have seen that the Passport app recently received an end-to-end rewrite, bringing it up to date and adding a whole raft of new features and functions. 

One of these updates allows owners of teams to get a complete overview of their team’s activity. Providing information such as the number of members onsite, any unpaid invoices, and deliveries awaiting collection, it's a fantastic tool for team leaders, allowing them to keep abreast of team activity and any other outstanding issues.  

To find out more about the new version of Passport by Nexudus, check out our recent article which gives a much more in-depth view of some of its new features.

As you can see, there are lots of tools and integrations that Nexudus provides that can make the lives of those in teams that run a hybrid working model so much easier. With coworking and flex workspaces becoming more and more popular with businesses adopting a more flexible model of working, it can really help to make your workspace attractive to corporate teams looking for an alternative to a traditional office space. 

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