Are you listening to your customers? All you need to know about customer feedback and Nexudus new Surveys

Are you listening to your customers? All you need to know about customer feedback and Nexudus new Surveys

The phrase ‘ Customers are always right’ was coined in the early 20th century by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of London’s Selfridges store. Till this day, that quote still applies in most cases. So, let’s be honest: it is impossible to run a successful business without rich customer engagement and feedback. The truth is, companies that listen to their customer feedback are more likely to excel and appeal to their existing customers and even new ones!.

There are three significant reasons why your coworking space would benefit from customer engagement and feedback:

Brand trust-ability
Word of mouth is the greatest form of marketing. How many times have you been persuaded by reviews on Glassdoor, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and Which? Over the years reviews and comments have influenced brands credibility and trustability.

It determines if customers should trust your company or buy into your services. Recommend other companies, businesses or entrepreneurs to your coworking space by developing brand trustability, so you simultaneously convert customers into ambassadors a clear indication that you are running a coworking space service that adds value with a credible reputation.

Taking user’s suggestions seriously and acting upon them while keeping them in the loop of the changes you’ve implemented as a result of their feedback is vital. It could be something as simple as making subtle changes to your cafeteria menu or maybe making a small amend to the conference room settings. These changes will reflect on how your customers value your service; it will also echo in how your customers interact with your space.

Emotional connection
Satisfied customers are not always loyal. Everyone seems to be focused on customer satisfaction generation, rather than investing in a customer relationship strategy. Our piece of advice would be: grab the opportunity, stand out from the crowd and develop an emotional connection strategy with your customers, which should result in long-lasting positive results.

Let’s take a look at Apple as a brand. Their customers the 'Apple Tribe' These people are not merely satisfied customers, they have developed an emotional connection with Apple, it’s values and products. This is because Apple listens and engages with their buyers, their tribe, their customers, and in return, they enjoy the leverage of huge groups of people across the globe that essentially worship their brand. So, the moral here is that people love to feel like they are being listened to, that you care about them and would take out the time to connect with them.

Why Surveys?
Surveys provide a broad capability, they can be used to describe characters of a huge population, they are also dependable, allowing an accurate sample or data collection from your target customers. They are also convenient and one of the best ways to gain an insight on how to better serve the need of your customers! With Surveys, you can create, edit, schedule and review surveys for analysis.

Surveys by Nexudus So, what are we doing to support you to keep an eye on your customer’s needs and ideas? We have created the ultimate customer feedback tool, that will enable better and improved engagement with your users. Surveys is a feature that allows space owners to create, edit, manage and send surveys to their customers.

Sample Survey Image

Want to know more? Get started and set up your first survey now.

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